Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Labor Day 2013 - Part Three of Three

August 28th 

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Frank Shansky

This is the major issue that labor has a vital role in addressing, because it has the principles and structure to address it.

Jim Lange

Reversing income inequality is the key to any success in improving the economy. There must be massive changes to improve the lives of working people.

Dominique Noth

As to income inequality and immigration reform:
Let me answer together since both represent how unions must form coalitions regardless of union or non-union, too long it only worked for its own members while now it must address income inequality for fast food workers and others as a matter of the sort of economic justice that marked the union movement in the 1930s. Let’s stop getting hung up on acronyms and join hands.

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EFCA- Employee Free Choice Act – workers simply vote to form a legal – representative union

Frank Shansky

President Obama has been a major disappointment on this issue. He promised to push for it and then never lifted a finger.

Dominque Noth

The question defines the problem – most people don’t know what EFCA is, a simple act by Congress or Constitutional Amendment to protect the choice to join a union against legislative attacks. It’s seldom correctly explained or intelligently defended. Even union members are confused by the arguments. Labor’s operations are remarkably clean and transparent as opposed to how people are given power in corporations or government but it’s been abused and demeaned by big money on the other side and its own internal weakness. The first step it to prove its democracy and self-policing to a doubting public as part of growing support for its core values of fairness for all who work.

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Frank Shansky
A critical issue in addressing income equality both in terms of the issues faced by the immigrant community but workers in general. The unification of working people (i.e. immigrants and non-immigrants) will be a key factor in whether we are successful in addressing the key issues of our day.

Jim Lange

Immigration reform is a necessity today let’s get it passed.

Dominique Noth 

Immigration is a similar case. For every “criminal” the right points out there are actually thousands of cases of families we should want in the US. Right now in the push to get reform, even immigration supporters are willing to accept draconian concerns over border security, setting aside more money to protect the Mexican-US border than spent on the entire CIA and FBI combined, which doesn’t address the problem but is excused as a foot in the door. It is worth the price? Would intelligent modification follow or would jackboots attitudes grow? Where does the coalition draw the line? Compromise requires clarity on underlying principles of common sense. The attraction of the right is the attitude of no compromise whether it makes sense or not. Labor as well as Faith has got to not only look smarter but be smarter.

Joan Picard Bleidorn

Regarding immigration reform, those who claim to have any real faith at all should certainly realize that the beatitudes on which our salvation depends, demands that we welcome the stranger in our land, as we ourselves were once strangers, and it will not be well for us if we fail to do this. How far should we go in cooperating with the far right of the Republican Part, in order to get some kind of immigration bill through? I am not sure to what extent here should be cooperation with the drastic compromises they see to demand in order to pass a bill.

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